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Spectacular Quinquennial Success at the Artisan Cheese Awards

Blue Stilton Cheese

Spectacular Quinquennial Success at the Artisan Cheese Awards

The Artisan Cheese Awards 2022 is a prestigious event for both UK and Irish cheesemakers to compete for the best in class honours. We had a mighty haul of five wins in this year’s judging giving us three Gold and two bronze awards. There were over 1000 entries this year and we lived up to our artisan heritage and proved we are truly one of the best in the UK and the world. The Winners Parade is as follows:

Dovedale Blue Cheese

Our Dovedale Blue gains yet another Gold award and the judges awarded it a spectacular 96 out of a possible 100 points!  A semi-soft, creamy blue cheese with a brine washed edible rind this is handmade with love in our small artisan creamery on Pikehall Farm in the heart of the Peak District using Derbyshire Dales milk. Dovedale is a GI protected cheese which is the replacement for PDO and means it is a designated origin UK protected cheese and can only be made within 50 miles of the River Dove to an exacting and monitored recipe. Dovedale is available as a 200g wedge, a 35og foil-wrapped individual Baby Dovedale or as a 2kg wheel.

Blue Stilton wins a Gold, our flagship and most famous cheese is recognised as the best of the best. We first started making the legendary Hartington Derbyshire Stilton in 1900 and 122 years later we are still true to the original recipe and still the only Blue Stilton producer making the ‘King of Cheese entirely’ by hand. We add this award to the many others that our creamy, crumbly and mild Stilton has already won and to win this in the heart of traditional Stilton making Melton Mowbray is extra special for us. We have Stilton available in a wide range of sizes from 200g wedges, 1kg half moons, 2kg wheels and even a 4kg baby or 8kg full Stilton.

Cracked Black Pepper Pebble of Cheese

Peakland White with Black Pepper is a Gold winner! Peakland White is our own uniquely made cheese and is similar to White Stilton. We use this young two week old matured fresh tangy and creamy cheese as a base ingredient for the careful blending of our flavoured range of cheeses. This winner has a subtle blend of freshly cracked black pepper than adds a complex savoury tang with a little bit of peppery heat and is available as one of our 160g wrapped Pebbles of Cheese.

Devonshire Gold Cheese Wedge

Devonshire Gold Blue Cheese wins a Bronze award to add to the International Cheese Awards Gold in 2021. This special soft blue cheese was created in collaboration with Chatsworth Hall to recognise the importance of our original creamery founder the seventh Duke of Devonshire in 1870. Over 150 years later our association with Chatsworth continues with our range of cheese being available in their famous Farm Shop which is a true homage to Derbyshire’s artisans.

Hartington Cheese Wedge - Chilli Chocolate Peakland White Cheese

Peakland with Chocolate & Chilli takes the bronze at the Artisan Cheese Awards. Is this a dessert or a cheese or is it both is a question posed by most that try our mind-bending cheese concoction. Our young fresh uniquely made Peakland White is blended with Cocoa, white chocolate and a sprinkle of chilli flakes to make a super sweet yet savoury note taste sensation. Try this on its own with a digestive biscuit or dice to eat with your favourite ice cream!

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Big love,
The Hartington Creamery

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