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The Worlds Only Stilton Whey Vodka and Gins!

Hartington Stilton Vodka & Gin

The Worlds Only Stilton Whey Vodka and Gins!

Vodka & Gin made from the Cheesemaking Whey

The new world-first Hartington Stilton Whey Vodka and the unique Hartington Peakland Dry and Peakland Pink Gins are available now! This unique spirit is the result of our collaboration with fellow artisan Derbyshire producer Cuckoostone Distillery.  Becky and Ade, founded and head up their micro-distillery based on Church Farm, Barlow. True to form they came up with the wacky concept of taking our fresh Stilton Whey from our creamery to make this amazing spirit. The whey is vapour infused with six botanicals and charcoal filtered into a pure unique Vodka spirit, with the result having a pleasurable smooth and silky taste and mouthfeel.

A year in the making, Ade tells us “using the whey was difficult and took a lot of fine-tuning to find the perfect balance, but that was the point of the whole project, to work hand in hand with another award-winning, Derbyshire artisan producer”.

Alongside the Vodka we have two brand new gin expressions, Peakland Dry – a contemporary London Dry Gin made in part with botanicals foraged near Pikehall Farm. Last in the trio, but by no means least is Peakland Pink – we take the dry expression and infuse it with fresh local raspberries, cherry blossom and morello cherries, creating a smooth, dry and fruity gin.

Their distillery has a trio of extremely humble, yet seriously brilliant stills which are fired up nearly every day of the week. Not only making award-winning gins but keeping their old barns warm as winter approaches on their Church Farm home and production.

The 100 litre Gin Still “The Dude” is used to create the small batches of Hartington Creamery, Whey Vodka and Peakland Dry and Pink Gins. The Pink is a carefully crafted dry gin infused with raspberries, cherry blossom and sweet cherries. This and the Peakland Dry are sister spirit expressions to the unique Hartington Stilton Whey Vodka.

Ade and Becky, like us, are over the moon with the results of our collaboration.  ‘It’s wonderful seeing the reactions of those who’ve tried it so far, at first sceptical about a Vodka made with fresh Stilton Whey, the look quickly melts away to pleasure as they take a second sip”.

This is a clean, botanical flavour, with a creamy mouthfeel and finish. It’s a new vodka experience!

Available from the Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop or from our website or the Cuckoostone website or Cheshire Cheese Company website and selected small outlets in the Derbyshire Dales.
Buy any 3 of the bottles of Vodka or Gin from our website and save £5.00 per bottle!


Whilst we are talking about Stilton have you heard about the most unique Vodka in the world exclusively made from our Stilton Whey?  Distilled into a wonderful clean smooth spirit with a unique creamy mouth texture. Made by our good friends and fellow artisans at Cuckoostone Distillery this is available along with two complimenting Gins from our website here

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